Account Security

At Parasite, we have taken all possible measures to ensure the security of user accounts. However, using third-party services to work with Instagram creates risks.

To minimize these risks, we recommend that you follow the security rules below. Ignoring these rules can lead to a temporary or permanent account block by Instagram.

  1. If, in addition to Parasite, you use other services to work with Instagram, we recommend using your own proxy server. You should use the same proxy for all services. For example, you use Parasite and some other third-party service to promote your accounts. In this case, you need to buy your own proxy and add it to both Parasite and the second service.
  2. If you do not add your own proxy, Parasite automatically provides you with a private proxy. Working with our proxy is only allowed if you do not use services other than Parasite to work with your accounts.
  3. We recommend adding a proxy at the same time as adding an Instagram account. When you add a new Instagram account, you will automatically be prompted to add a proxy to it. To do this, click the “Add Proxy” button.
  4. Even if you use the same proxy for scheduled posting and the promotion of your account, the risk of blocking is still present. This can happen if two actions coincide at the same time: one service will deliver some content, and the second will post a scheduled post. Such an action is suspicious for Instagram and may lead to a blocked account. The probability is low, but it exists.
  5. Before using Parasite, make sure that your Instagram accounts are linked to both your e-mail account and your mobile phone. In the case of any problems, this will help you restore access to your accounts.
  6. Sometimes it happens that Instagram accounts are tied to an old mobile phone or email, to which access is lost. This will surely create problems. Before using Parasite, make sure that you have full access to both your e-mail account and mobile phone linked to your Instagram accounts.
  7. Your Parasite profile will be attached to the email you provided during registration. Make sure you also have full access to this email account.
  8. Before planning your posting schedule for your Instagram account, make sure that you have already visited it yourself at least once.
  9. We do not recommend using scheduled posts for accounts that contain fewer than 5 posts.
  10. For Parasite to work properly, you need to make sure that two-factor authentication is enabled on your connected Instagram accounts.
  11. We pay special attention to the fact that the total age of the Instagram account, often called “Pull-back”, does not matter if there was no activity in it during this time. For example, the account was registered a year ago, but the first activity in it was committed a month ago. In this case, the age of this account, according to Instagram, will be one month, not a year.
  12. The risk of a ban also depends on the content that you publish. You can lose your account if you publish content that violates Instagram rules.
  13. In particular, you should not infringe copyrights, or publish other people's photos or pictures taken from the Internet.
  14. You should not upload photos or videos that show personal documents such as passports, credit cards, identity cards, social security numbers, etc. This may result in the suspension of your account.
  15. You should not post pornographic content.
  16. You should not upload the same image from multiple accounts at the same time. Such an action will be suspicious to the Instagram algorithm.
  17. Do not publish content too often. We recommend maintaining intervals of at least 5–7 minutes between each post. To be completely safe, you should not publish more than 5 posts a day to fully simulate the behavior of a real person.
  18. Do not use automatic services to register your Instagram accounts. Register accounts only with a mobile device.