Privacy Policy

1. General Conditions

  • 1.1 Parasite (hereinafter referred to as the Service) collects and processes the Personal Information of Users. To make this process open and understandable, we tried to write our Privacy Policy in common everyday language.
  • 1.2 By using the Service, you automatically accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and also confirm that you have read the Safety Rules.
  • 1.3 If you disagree with any provision of the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy or Security Rules to any extent, you must stop using the Service and refrain from it until you can fully accept all the provisions in the documents listed above.

2. Personal Information

  • 2.1 The Service collects the following types of information:
    • a) Any data that the User independently provides during the registration and use of the Service;
    • b) Any data placed by the User on their pages in the social networks connected to the Service;
    • c) Any data that the User uploads to the Service's server, including photo and video materials, links, and texts;
  • 2.2 To connect an Instagram account, the Service requests a password from the account. The User's password is required to establish connection to their Instagram servers. At the same time, the Service under no circumstances stores this password in any form, for any purpose and does not transfer it to third parties.
  • 2.3 When the Instagram connection is established, the password is transmitted to Parasite in an encrypted form.

3. Use of Personal Information

  • 3.1 The user agrees with the collection and processing of their Personal Information. To render various services (scheduled posting, analytics, work with Direct and others), it is necessary for the Service to not only collect, but also process Personal Information.

    Why do we do this?

    • a) From time to time, we need to contact the User to provide him with new information, send performance reports, or provide new Terms of Service;
    • b) We place the User in our system – it is essential that we know with whom we are entering into the Terms of Service;
    • c) Many services provided by the Service are meant to be personalized and we will not be able to provide them unless we process Personal Information;
    • d) For scheduled posting to work properly, it is also necessary to work constantly with the User's Personal Information, which is within the framework of this Privacy Policy.

4. Prohibition of the Processing of Personal Information

  • 4.1 At any moment the User can prohibit the Service from processing their Personal Information. Technically, such a prohibition will mean the removal of their social media accounts from the Service. Removal of social media accounts automatically results in the deletion of collected Personal Information, which is an irreversible process.
  • 4.2 Prohibiting the processing of Personal Information formally violates this Privacy Policy and immediately results in the termination of the Terms of Service.
  • 4.3 Termination of the Terms of Service automatically occurs at the moment the user deletes their last social media account from the Service.
  • 4.4 Since the Terms of Service is terminated at that moment, the User no longer has the right to use the Service. However, the terms are re-established as soon as the user:
    • a) adds a new social media account to their existing Parasite profile;
    • b) completes registration of a new Parasite profile.
  • 4.5 As soon as the User performs one of the above actions, they will once again accept all provisions of the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service, and will confirm that they have read the Safety Rules.