Where to Get a Proxy

Proxies are freely sold on the Internet. Please note that you need to buy a proxy of the country in which you stay most of the time and from which you most often access your accounts. For example, if you live in Italy and usually access your accounts from there, you need to buy an Italian proxy server and add it to Parasite.

A proxy can be bought in any online store selling proxies, for example — PROXYS.IO. There are several types of proxies, such as IPv4 and IPv6. IPv4 proxy is more expensive, but its quality is higher, and we recommend that you purchase it. Also, avoid shared proxy servers. Instead, buy individual proxies, that are available only to you, and not to many users at a time.

After selecting and buying a proxy, a seller will provide you with proxy settings such as server, port, name, and password. These are the data you need to enter on the settings page in Parasite to add a proxy to your profile.