Posting on VK and Facebook

A post on VK and Facebook can contain media (photos and videos) and text, and, unlike in the case of Instagram, a post containing only text can be planned.

Select media, enter the description, set date and time of the post — Parasite will do the rest for you. The geotagging and first comment functionality are not available for posting on VK and Facebook.

If the post on VK or Facebook contains a link, Parasite will automatically upload information related thereto (preview of the link image and description) and add it to the post.

Parasite supports mentioning people and groups in posts for VK. To mention a user or group, write his/her VK ID with the @ icon, and then enter the user's display name in brackets. For example, if the user's ID is 101 and you want the name John to appear in the mention, set the mention as follows: @id101 (John).