Posting Restrictions

Most of the restrictions are related to the plan selected. The scheduled posting of photos, videos and galleries is available for all plans. The “Light” plan supports posting on Instagram, while the “Standard” and “Business” plans support posting on Instagram, VK, and Facebook.

Parasite limits the size of the video for uploading and publishing through the service. For the “Light” plan, the limit is 30 MB, for the “Standard” plan — 60 MB, and for the “Business” plan — up to 100 MB.

When creating a gallery on Instagram (a post containing several images at a time), the service automatically adjusts the format of all images to the first one. For example, if the first image in the gallery is square, the rest of the images will be cropped in the same manner.

When creating a scheduled post on Facebook, please note that a post on Facebook cannot contain both photos and videos simultaneously. Also, a Facebook post cannot contain multiple videos at a time. These two restrictions are imposed by social media, not by Parasite.

Parasite does not allow color correction of photos and videos or application of filters, effects, stickers or captions to posts and stories.

Parasite does not allow to add a watermark to posts.

Parasite does not allow to tag other users on photos.

Scheduled posting of stories is available only for the “Standard” and “Business” plans.

You can simultaneously have up to 100 planned posts for the “Light” plan, up to 500 posts for the “Standard” plan and up to 1,000 posts for the “Business” plan. These numbers are inclusive of all scheduled and unpublished posts, as well as drafts.

You can schedule posts only for the paid period. For example, if you use a free seven-day trial service, you can only plan publications for these seven days, and if you purchased a one-month subscription, you will not be able to plan content for several months in advance.