Issues with Posting

Parasite is a stable system, which delivers trouble-free performance and publishing of content. If you encounter any problems when posting, please make sure that:

  1. If you're using a proxy server, it is paid, active and stable.
  2. You are using the latest version of a popular browser (e.g. Google Chrome).
  3. You are uploading a valid type of content (jpeg, png, bmp, and gif photos, webm or mp4 videos with h.264 or VP8/VP9 codecs).
  4. The social media, on which you are publishing content, is accessible and works smoothly.

If the post remains on the Scheduled tab marked as "not published", the service will provide information about the reasons for the failure. Read this information carefully and follow the guidelines suggested.

If the post has disappeared on the Scheduled tab but hasn't been published in the social media, as well as in any other case when you cannot solve the problem with posting, please contact our technical support. The support chat icon is located at the bottom-right of the interface.

If you cannot create a new post because the "+ Add post" button is missing, most likely you've changed the scaling in your browser display. To resolve the problem, return the browser scale to the default value (100%).