Parasite allows users to work with connected social media accounts in a team — you only have to invite managers. Managers are team members who do not have direct access to social media accounts (i.e. login and password) but will be able to plan content, respond to messages and use all other functions of Parasite.

The Managers functionality is very convenient for business owners who do not want to provide employees with full access to social media accounts.

To add your first manager, go to your profile settings and select "My team".

Enter a name for the team and click the "+ Add manager" button. Then enter the manager's email and select his/her access level.

The standard level of access will allow the manager to work with the social media accounts you assign to them. The administrator access will give the manager full rights to work with the service: they will be able to invite new managers or remove the current ones, as well as choose the accounts to which they and other team members have access.

The Managers functionality is available only for the “Business” plan.