Introduction to the Interface

Analytics allows users to track key metrics for connected Instagram accounts, such as the dynamics of likes, subscribers and comments, as well as the best posts in terms of reactions and engagement.

Metrics and Diagrams

Select an Instagram account from the list on the left and go to the "Analytics" tab. You will see three main diagrams: dynamics of subscribers, dynamics of likes and dynamics of comments. Each of the diagrams can be displayed by hours, days and weeks.

Click on the "Posts" tab to get statistics on the best posts in your profile. See which posts received the most feedback from your audience and try to produce more content of such kind.

Restrictions when Working with Analytics

Parasite has several technical limitations for users working with analytics.

Analytics is available only for accounts with a user proxy connected. Read more about proxies in the designated section.

After connecting the user proxy, the service will take about 24 hours (in some cases even more) to collect and present the primary analytics on the diagrams.

The analytics functionality is available only for Instagram accounts and does not support other social media.

Parasite does not support tracking the posts reach and some other metrics.

Analytics data cannot be downloaded from Parasite and stored locally.