Affiliate Program

What is the Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program enables you to attract new users to Parasite and earn a percentage of all their payments.

The Rules of Affiliate Program

To use our Affiliate Program, study it in detail and follow all the rules. We reserve the right to refuse affiliate payments to partners who generate traffic in violation of our rules.

To read more about the rules of Parasite's Affiliate Program, follow the link.

Become an Affiliate

To participate in Parasite’s Affiliate Program, register a profile in the system, go to the profile settings and select "Affiliate program".

In the "Your referral link" section you will see a unique link to attract traffic. All users who follow this link will be marked as your referrals.

You will receive 15% of all future payments of users who clicked on the referral link. In the "Affiliate Program", you will also see the statistics of the affiliate, i.e. the number of clicks and registrations, the amount of your earnings and the amount that has already been paid.