Adding an Account

To start working with Parasite, you need to add social media accounts. Depending on your plan, you can add up to 3, 10, or 25 social media accounts. Parasite supports the accounts of Instagram, VK and Facebook; the “Light” plan only includes Instagram. More information about the rates can be found on this page.

To add an account, click the "+ Add Account" button on the main page of the service and select the social media you want to link.

To add an Instagram account, you will have to enter the username and password for this account.

Before adding an account to Parasite, make sure that:

  • A phone number and email address are linked to this account and confirmed;
  • You have access to the phone and email linked;
  • You have logged into this account before through the official app;
  • This account has at least five posts. Please note that the rapid content filling of a new account can lead to its blocking, which is why we recommend doing it at least within 24 hours;
  • Two-factor authentication is disabled on the account (after adding the account to Parasite, the two-factor authentication can be turned on again);
  • When adding an account to Parasite, you are neither opening the same account in a mobile application or on an official website nor performing any other activities with the account;

In the process of adding the account, Instagram may request verification — either by phone or by email. Be ready to receive a message with a confirmation code and enter it into the system or click on the "It Was Me" button in the Instagram app.

When adding your VK and Facebook accounts, you will see the list of all the groups that you administer. You need to select the groups you want to add to Parasite.

Parasite supports both public and personal VK accounts. Parasite does not support posting to personal accounts on Facebook.

A social media account can only be added to one Parasite profile. If, when adding an account, you receive a message that this account has already been added to another Parasite profile, you need to go to your old (or second) Parasite profile and delete the account there. If you don't remember your old Parasite account or can't log in, contact our technical support.