What is a Proxy

A proxy acts as an intermediary server, through which your account will be connected. Imagine, for example, that you are being located in Italy, but using a Russian proxy. In this case, the connection to your social media account will be technically from Russia, and therefore the social media itself will "think" that you are in Russia.

In Parasite, a proxy may be connected to work with Instagram accounts only.

You must connect the proxy of the country in which you are physically located. For example, if you permanently stay in Italy and access Instagram from this country, you should connect to an Italian proxy.

As a matter of practice, you will need to connect a proxy to Parasite in two cases: if you use any other services to work with Instagram simultaneously with Parasite or if you want to obtain analytics on connected Instagram accounts.

In the first case, it is important that all the services you use to work with social media are connected to the same proxy. For example, you have an Instagram profile. You use Parasite for scheduled posting and a different service for "promotion". In this case, it is important to connect the same proxy to both Parasite and the third-party service, so that both services access your account from the same address. If two services work without a proxy, social media may detect suspicious activity and block your account. If you use third-party services to work with Instagram in addition to Parasite, it is very important to connect a proxy simultaneously with adding an account to Parasite.

In the second case, a user proxy must be connected so that Parasite can collect analytics on Instagram accounts. Read more about this in the section on analytics.

Working with Parasite without Proxy

Parasite offers the full-fledged functioning without connecting your own proxy if you do not use any other services to work with Instagram accounts and do not need analytics on Instagram accounts from Parasite.