About Parasite


Parasite's journey began in 2015: that year, three partners joined efforts to create the most convenient service to work with Instagram. For several years, the project developed in this direction: more and more new functionality was added to work with this particular social media. However, everything changed in 2018, when the service began to develop towards integrating all modern social media.

Now Parasite supports Instagram, VK, and Facebook; Odnoklassniki and Twitter will be added very soon, and all the other social media are soon to follow.

We have managed to grow from a small startup (three people working at home) into a sustainable company (more than 15 people working on the project from two offices — in Russia and the United States). And we are grateful to all users, partners, and competitors for making this journey possible.

Legal Information

Parasite Technologies Inc is an officially registered U.S. corporation governed by the laws of the state of New York.

Parasite Technologies Inc
2823 Bragg St
Brooklyn, NY 11235
United States of America
EIN 83-1110550

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