April Update

April 12, 2017

Over the last couple of months we've been working hard on making Parasite even better by adding new features and improving the existing ones. As a result, with Parasite you now can:

  • Post media according to schedule;
  • Automatically schedule posts that you've uploaded in bulk;
  • Upload and post GIFs;
  • View feed and gallery;


We're happy to introduce Schedules—a useful tool that will help you manage your content. You can now set up a schedule in your account's settings by setting the time at which you want your media to be posted, and Parasite will automatically schedule your posts according to it.

Bulk Uploading and Schedules

Schedules are even more convenient if used together with bulk uploads. Just drag and drop your media onto the website and then choose "Proceed with Schedule". All the pictures you've uploaded will be posted according to the schedule you've previously set up.


When we first launched Parasite it could only post pictures. In a couple of months we added video support. But we still felt something was missing. Now we know what—as we introduce GIFs posting. With Parasite you can now post any media, be it photos, videos, or GIFs. Yay!

Feed and Gallery

To make Parasite even more handy, we've added feeds and galleries support, which means you can now view your own and other people's posts without leaving the website. Not only can you view posts but also like and comment them, so there's no need to get back to Instagram app anymore.