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Parasite is a cloud-based scheduled posting service for Instagram. We have worked towards constructing a minimalist interface to create a product that will simplify working with Instagram, rather than complicating it.

Despite its apparent simplicity, Parasite is a powerful tool that allows you to upload both photos and videos, publish them according to a schedule, use proxies, caption templates, emojis and geo-location, get analytics for your accounts, work with Direct, and much more.

Powerful Tools

With Parasite, you can upload both images and video recordings. Mass uploading of images is possible, which saves even more time: simply drag and drop the files to your browser and Parasite will do the rest.

You can connect your own proxies, and Parasite will automatically switch between them as they become available.

In Parasite you can work with Direct: you can accept correspondence requests, create and respond to messages, view incoming files and even send messages with Direct straight from the comments section.

View your own gallery and posts of the users you are subscribed to; open any post, go to other people's profiles, and comment and like all you want — all of that while never leaving Parasite.

Parasite also provides analytics for your accounts: you will know for sure that you are moving in the right direction.

Intense Automation

We at Parasite are Instagram specialists ourselves and we know how tedious working with content can be. No more manually planning posts: use Parasite's automatic schedule. It is enough to set up a publication schedule once and Parasite will automatically distribute all new posts accordingly.

You can automate everything using our convenient templates and our special “first comment” function. That's it, your part is done! Now you can get to your other tasks!


Your safety is our priority. We use a secure HTTPS connection, and the login information in your Instagram accounts is encrypted when the connection is established. We also do not store login data and never pass it on to third parties. We do everything we can to provide your accounts with the maximum degree of protection. With us you are safe.

Parasite Is for Everyone

Parasite offers three payment plans — choose the one that fits your needs. Parasite works for both private account owners and successful SMM specialists in Instagram, managing dozens of pages at a time. We serve a variety of bloggers, agencies and major brands. Your trust is what we work for.

We are very adaptable and are sure that Parasite will please you. Do you want to give it a try?

Try It for Free

If you are still unsure, no need to pay now. Parasite offers you a 7-day trial period during which you can assess how well our service meets your needs.

You will not be held to any obligation — start using it for free now!